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Cross-Canada Checkup

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Cross-Canada Checkup
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Days To Remember - CBC Archives

"Canadian history is as exciting as any other, as worthy of study as American or French history."
- Professor Jack Granatstein. 1999

This Country, These People

National Farm Forum and Ontario Farm Broadcast

Canada occupies the northern half (precisely 41%) of North America. It is bordered to the south by the United States and to the northwest by Alaska. Off the southern coast of Newfoundland lies Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, an overseas community of France. The country stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west; hence the country's motto. To the north lies the Arctic Ocean; Greenland is to the northeast. Since 1925, Canada has claimed the portion of the Arctic , this claim is not universally recognized. The northernmost settlement in Canada (and in the world) is Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Alert on the northern tip of Ellesmere Island – latitude 82.5N – just 834 kilometres from the North Pole.
Canada is the world's second-largest country in total area, after Russia. Much of Canada lies in Arctic regions, however, and thus Canada has only the fourth most arable land area behind Russia, China, and the U.S. The population density is 3.5 people per square kilometre, which is among the lowest in the world. While Canada covers a larger area than the U.S., it has only one-ninth its population.

Newfoundland, North America's easternmost island, is at the mouth of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, the world's largest estuary. The Canadian Maritimes protrude eastward from the southern coasts of Quebec. New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are divided by the Bay of Fundy, which experiences the world's largest tidal variations. Prince Edward Island is Canada's smallest province.

West of Ontario, the broad, flat Prairie provinces, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta spread towards the Rocky Mountains, which then divides the Prairies and British Columbia.

Northern Canadian vegetation tapers from coniferous forests to tundra and finally The most densely populated part of the country is the Great Lakes-Saint Lawrence River Valley in the east. To the north of this region is the broad Canadian Shield, an area of rock scoured clean by the last ice age, thinly soiled, rich in minerals, and dotted with lakes and rivers—over 60% of the world's lakes are in Canada. The Canadian Shield encircles the immense Hudson Bay extending from Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories at its westernmost point, to the Atlantic coast in Labrador in the east,to Arctic barrens in the far north. The northern Canadian mainland is ringed with a vast archipelago containing some of the world's largest islands.

Canada has a reputation for cold temperatures but, throughout, experiences four distinct seasons. Winters can be harsh in many regions of the country, with risks of blizzards and ice storms. Temperatures often reach lows of -50C in the far North; the record coldest temperature in North America was -63C, at Snag, Yukon in 1947. Coastal British Columbia is an exception: it enjoys a temperate climate with much milder winters than the rest of the country. Summers in Canada range from mild on the east and west coasts (low to high 20s C) to hot, particularly in Central Canada (mid to high 30s C).


relive Canadian history
through the eyes of
CBC Radio and
CBC Television

the voices of rural Canada
on CBC television for over
49 years

join host Rex Murphy for
Canada's only national open
line radio programme.
Sundays at 1:00 p.m. PT,
2:00 p.m. MT,
3:00 p.m. CT,
4:00 p.m. ET,
 5:00 p.m. AT
and 5:30 p.m. NT on
CBC Radio One

takes you to the communities and
people who make this country so
diverse, complex and exciting.
Shelagh Rogers invites you to
join her and her guests weekday
mornings at 10 o'clock

Canadian War Museum Ottawa

Canada is the second largest
country in the world, has
outstanding scenery
and wilderness.
Angelhair's pages contain
 things Canadian, giraffes, quotes,
one liners, poetry, prose, and
interesting things to her and
hopefully to you!
an absolutely delightful find!

British Columbia Archives
(BC Archives), located in
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
The BC Archives is the archives of the
government of British Columbia, and
provides research access to records
of enduring value to the province for
both the provincial government
and public clientele.

A History of Automation in Canada
. By the 1960s, ordinary Canadians
were fascinated with these
new high tech devices.
from the CBC Archives

welcome to the official website of
this wonderful museum, located
in beautiful downtown Courtenay,
on Vancouver Island, British Columbia
for over 45 years the museum has
served the north island with a
mandate of preserving the natural
and cultural heritage of
the  Comox Valley.

Newfoundland Music on CD,
Newfoundland Musicians & Bands,
Music & Cultural Events, Music Books. Home of Newfoundland
Fiddler & Musician
Kelly Russell, and the whole lot based
out of St Johns Newfoundland

this presentation includes stories,
photographs and information
on Ted Russell, one of
Newfoundland and Labrador's
most famous storytellers.
bought to you by CBC  St. .Johns.

a not-for-profit organization that
has been active in the music community
of Newfoundland and Labrador
since 1966. The SJFAC hosts and
 organizes an annual folk festival and
a folk night every Wednesday
in St. Johns 

six thousand  people that was
declared extinct by the
Canadian Federal Government.
Dept, of Indian Affairs, in 1956.
Go figure......

 you'll find information about concerts
and special events, how to purchase
tickets or subscribe to this, one of
Canada's finest symphony orchestras

news from Persephone Township
in Ontario, just north of Toronto
bought to you by Dan Needles,
 Rod Beattie and Walt Wingfield

Canadian Museum of Civilization

The Globe and Mail. Canada's Newspaper

CBC Archives

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