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Backwards, Forwards

Backwards, Forwards
Tall Grass
For The Birds
Share The Land
Harvest Moon
Hey Winnipeg!
Cross-Canada Checkup
The Prairie Gardener
The Mask and The Mirror
Acadian Driftwood
The Band
The Ghost of Charron Lake
The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
In The Red River Valley

CBC Manitoba

Just Before We Go

 National Archives Canada [click for larger image]
Main Street Winnipeg 1881

a work very much in progress, please bear with us. Thanks

Hinterland Who's Who

prairie dog visiting the Assiniboine Zoo Winnipeg

wildlife and ecosystem
protection branch
conserving Manitoba's
wildlife resources and
maintaining biodiversity

wildlife and ecosystem
protection branch
who to call when nature
needs your help

 a storehouse of information on
Manitoba’s biodiversity – its plant and
animal species, as well as its
natural plant communities

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welcome to Manitoba's online
nature magazine, where we celebrate the
biodiversity of this great province.

providing the scientific basis
for effective conservation

providing scientific information
about Canada's species and
ecosystems to help guide
effective conservation action 

an authoritative source for information
on more than 60,000 plants,
animals, and ecosystems of
Canada and the United States

our tribute to
Manitoba's son
Neil Young and his
The Harvest Trilogy,
Harvest, Harvest Moon
and Prairie Wind

The Cree call it Miscousipi,
Red Water River, and warned
early settlers of its hidden
capacity for destruction.
The river flooded in 1826,
forcing the complete evacuation
of the 10-year-old Red River colony.
But most settlers refused to give up.

a celebration of
the tree and its off-spring
our website on trees and
associated themes

bought to you by
Canadian Geographic

still the most reliable
weather source

protecting the plants,
the animals and natural communities
that represent the diversity
of life on earth

working to protect Canada’s most
threatened natural habitats and the
endangered species that call them home

Manitoba Radio-Canada. en francais

Nature Conservancy Manitoba

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