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Share The Land

Backwards, Forwards
Tall Grass
For The Birds
Share The Land
Harvest Moon
Hey Winnipeg!
Cross-Canada Checkup
The Prairie Gardener
The Mask and The Mirror
Acadian Driftwood
The Band
The Ghost of Charron Lake
The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
In The Red River Valley

There's This One Band
From A Place Called Winnipeg

Shortly after the American Woman sessions, there was a nasty confrontation between the four members of the group. Cummings, Peterson, and bassist Jim Kale accused Bachman of trying to manipulate the group for his own personal gains, eventually deciding to kick Bachman out of the band. Phone calls were placed to Kurt Winter and Greg Leskiw--at the time, two of the hottest guitarists on the Canadian music scene. Winter was more of a ballsy, blues-based guitarist, while Leskiw had more of a laid-back country/jazz feel to his playing. Although they had already recorded some tracks with Bachman, they decided to scrap everything and start from scratch with the new lineup. The result was the diverse, yet highly successful album, Share the Land. The band traveled to Hawaii for a couple weeks to put the finishing touches on the tracks, and then went to Chicago to do the final recording.

Burton Cummings Jim Kale Gary Peterson
Greg Leskiw Kurt Winter

Wheatfield Soul 1968 [click for full size image]

A Wednesday In Your Garden

Friends Of Mine

I Found Her In A Star


Love And A Yellow Rose

Maple Fudge

Pink Wine Sparkles In The Glass

These Eyes

We're Coming To Dinner

When You Touch Me

Canned Wheat. 1969 [click for full size image]

American Woman 1970 [click for larger image]

Share The Land. 1970. [click for larger image]

Bus Rider

Coming Down Off The Money Bag

Do You Miss Me Darlin'

Hand Me Down World

Hang On To Your Life

Moan For You Joe

Share the Land

Song of the Dog

Three More Days

CD bonus tracks

The Answer

This Time Long Ago 2005

Let's Go 2005

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